Introduction to Kiln Work 101


PlatterKiln work 101 - The kiln is an amazing tool for the glass worker. It has the potential to open up a variety of techniques that you can use to enhance your window panels or almost anything you do with art glass. The kiln is not just about making bowls or plates although they make great projects. With a kiln you can paint on glass, fuse glass tiles and coasters, create unique glass colors and shading, create 3d objects and slump glass. Your imagination is the limit.

The current state of the art in kilns makes it easy for anyone to use a kiln. Kilns today come with digital controlers that have several preloaded programs to use for general fusing projects. But it is essential to have a basic understanding of the interplay between glass and heat to be able to explore the potential of kiln work.


This class lays the groundwork to understand the processes if you are starting out or just feel you need a better understanding of what is happening in the kiln. Kiln types and operation, shelf types and preperations, general firing schedules and problem-solving will be covered along with how mass and heat interact with your fring schedule.


Class size minumum three, maximum six and price includes all supplies for the class and a 50% discount on our rental kiln, a $25 value. Class meets Tuesday and Thursday 6:30 to 9pm. Call for dates - 344-7636

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