Lightwave Glass Studio
Alaska's oldest Art Glass Studio - est. 1974

Custom Glass Work

Art glass can be constructed in many different styles and sizes. Each project is designed to fit both the client’s desires as well as  the room into which it will be placed. Clients can have an exact idea of what they want, or just a general idea of what they like. Ideas can come from a wallpaper sample, a picture, or from an architectural style, and be used as a starting place for a new design that will complement your interior. Contemporary and abstract design work is often overlooked in lieu of more traditional styles but these motifs can work very well in many of today’s homes.

 Landscapes are among the most popular types of stained glass designs I create for homes in Alaska. The view can vary in perspective from a close-up of the ground to a panoramic view of mountains and sky.  I have created landscapes featuring Mount Denali and Sleeping Lady.

Floral designs are very popular themes for stained glass windows. These windows are warm and friendly here in the north and can add lots of color during our long winters. Florals also have the adaptibility to be viewed either close up or from across the room. I have created windows that are primarily the inside of one flower in great detail, many times larger than life, as well as bushes of flowers in a garden.

Landscapes with animals such as loons, ducks, salmon and whales are popular themes for art glass here.  Winter landscapes are rare but I have done several over the years.

Having a custom window made for your home is a fun and rewarding experience.  You do not need to have concrete ideas about what type of window you might like but it is very helpful if you have eliminated motifs you are not interested in, to help move the design experience along. I look forward to working with you to create an art glass design that will become a family treasure for generations to come.


Puffins on rocksLoon on lake